b2 to WordPress migration script

Just wonderful !!! 

Aral Balkan "decided to write my own script to carry out the migration as the latest WordPress release doesn’t contain one and the only other alternative, apparently, would have been to go through a ridiculous series of upgrades".

Download the b2 to WP migration script (b2towp.zip; 19kb)

1. Use PHPMyAdmin to export your b2 database into an SQL file.

2. Install WP 2.0.2

3. On the machine you installed WP, use PHPMyAdmin to create a database for your b2 database and import it from the SQL file you created in Step 1.

4. Open the b2towp.php file in an editor and enter the database connection info for both the b2 and WP databases at the head of the file.

5. Run the b2towp.php script

Can't wait to test it.


~ by netlex on May 10, 2006.

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